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reasons i want to look GOOD 

  • for myself
  • for myself
  • to plant the seed of envy in other bitch’s hearts
  • for myself

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I had a really bad attitude when i was 14-16 where I decided I didn’t need to go to school because it was too difficult, I don’t mean work wise, I got a pretty good English grade so I’m not stupid or anything, I just hated the people there. Now I have no job, no qualifications to do anything and everyone tells me I need work experience to get a job, but how do you get experience when no one will give you a job for you to be able to get the experience. I can’t get into college because I need qualifications, I’m basically stuck. 

The point of this is I think it’s ridiculous that your future is based on what sort of person you were and what attitude you had as a child. I’m almost 19, l still can’t get any workplace to take me seriously because they all take one look at my CV and see that i dropped out of school at 16 and haven’t done anything since. I search every single day for jobs, any job, your future shouldn’t be based on what you did as a child. Just angers me sometimes, apologies. 


do you ever get those pangs of anxiety where you feel like nobody likes you and nobody will ever like you and you will achieve nothing